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Fair Funding has many different meanings.


Over the past couple of decades, fewer and fewer families have been able to shoulder the dual burdens of taxes to support children in public school and tuition to support their own children’s private-school education. Our elected officials invest approximately $56 billion annually (from federal, state and local taxes) in educating children in New York in grades pre-K through 12. Of that, 99 percent supports kids in “traditional” public schools and charter schools. Only 1 percent goes to support kids in religious and independent schools — even though these schools educate 14 percent of the students.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan http://nypost.com/2015/03/19/giving-kids-the-schools-they-deserve/


Pardon our appearance as we continue to change various sections of Whydad.net. The focus of this blog is Common Core and general education issues including curriculum, finance with a small amount of politics.

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