How Common Core Was Made

How to build an Education SystemThere are plenty of theories on who made Common Core.  Some say it was the federal government and others claim it was the states. For our purposes either one will suffice as they both contain giant bureaucracies and special interests involved with education.

The people involved in these bureaucracies are generally unelected and usually well meaning in their intent. Unfortunately, once they approve something on paper, special interests come crawling out of the woodwork with “needs”.  Once everyone’s needs are met and all the back deals are done, the end product design no longer serves the original purpose. It is usually a product that nobody needs and it is not good at doing any job.

In the case of Common Core and Engageny, what you wind up with is an educational system that nobody can explain, all sorts of curriculum that has no value, mathematics that would have driven Aristotle nuts,  special interests in charge and nothing that will actually produce intelligent American citizens.

To that end, below is a 10 minute clip from the movie “Pentagon Wars”.  It is based on a true story surrounding military bureaucracy and the design and production of the Bradley Tank.  While watching this short clip, just imagine the actors are designing a new education system instead of a tank. By the time one officer’s hand is done washing the other officer’s hand, they build something that… We won’t spoil it except to say keep your eye on the presidents. Like the Bradley tank, CC and Engageny went through years of this kind of stuff.


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