WhyDad.netLast night two very accomplished women of education (Diane Ravitch, Former Asst. Secy. of Education  and  NY Regents Chancellor, Merryl Tisch) had their moment to air their points of view on an MSNBC talk show.  Their discussion surrounded opting out of , the value of, the frequency of and the length of –  standardized testing.

During the conversation, the ladies looked very apprehensive as the other side spoke, which makes one wonder if these two were placed in a room alone, would there be real saloon like cursing? All kidding aside, Chancellor Tisch left us with what is perhaps the most honest point of the show:


“I would hope that parents would understand that if we had not linked thru policy… the evaluation of teachers to the testing, I think more kids would be showing up for testing. Actually I would say to our parents, that our kids have gotten caught in a labor dispute between the governor and the teachers union and our kids are paying the price. “


For all that it is worth, thank you Chancellor Tisch and Diane Ravitch for making some excellent points and counterpoints.   Now will both of you please sit down somewhere and figure out how to get students out of the bargaining table negotiations…. and please fix the curriculum.


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