The state is the great fiction by which everybody seeks to live at the expense of everybody else. -Frederic Bastiat

The state is the great fiction by which everybody seeks to live at the expense of everybody else. -Frederic Bastiat

Misleading political ditto sheets in ELA – a future problem for teachers.


The young lady in the video below discusses some key issues with her CT. Common Core “education” and the classroom information being distributed as meaningful text. While we aren’t familiar with what is being passed as text in CT, she makes a very mature observation that matches our core belief about Engageny ELA modules. To paraphrase:


“If you receive anything related to Social studies in your English class… Question it. ”
Student Sydney Lane, New Milford CT. 






The student is correct that every ELA text or document should be scrutinized and researched if it relates to Social Studies (Soon to include all courses). From experience in NY, we have seen half documents given out to hide their true meaning and portions of famous books excerpted so that students could only come to one wrong conclusion.


This kind of manipulation is rampant in the ELA modules at The lesson modules are restrictive of outside sources and rely on a students natural ignorance of a topic.  If CT aligned curriculum is anything like NY, her 7th grade class will soon be subjected to the lies and distortions put forth in the Caesar Chavez address module, which is presented to students as a civil rights -social justice document. It is clearly something else as we discovered by questioning and investigating the wild accusatory claims with political and racial overtones.


Whydad located at least one text Sydney describes.


Aside from Sydney’s observation, she offered up two examples of her required texts. One of her example quotes was “American pride seems excessive”. We could not locate that document on the web unless the text was from an article on the humor website The Onion which has a similar sentence: Only 5% of Americans Have The Correct Amount Of Pride. To that end, we can only say it’s the Onion… It is biased humor and doesn’t belong in a serious class as fact or fiction.


We were able to locate her second quote regarding North Korea and Cuba having the “game” to try Communism on a defunct website called the Casual Truth. The article, “What Is Communism” depicts Communism and Socialism with a very light brush considering their common bloody history of genocide and oppression (past and present). The article also seems to suggest that Communism fails only because the core ideology wasn’t followed correctly. That is the favored excuse of the Occupy Wall St. crowd, Socialist non profit organizations, countless teachers,  professors and their students.


With that in mind,  perhaps it would be a good idea for “revolutionary” and “fairness/equality/equity” minded educators to learn the song below. It was written by students during the Chinese revolution for teachers and administrators who were labeled enemies (eventually everyone was labeled an enemy, it is the only fair conclusion). The educators were forced by students to sing it with insults written on their dunce hats. Additionally the educators were routinely beaten, tortured, killed and ridiculed to a point of suicide by their own students with no trial. The only thing resembling a trial might be the surrounding “struggle meeting” where a collective group of students discussed the situation to democratically decide the fate of the victim. A concept that should sound eerily familiar to teachers using Common core/Engageny group-think methods.


 Ox-Ghosts and Snake-Demons – A “Popular” Song for Teachers to sing

A Teacher in the cultural revolution

I am an ox-ghost and snake-demon
I am an ox-ghost and snake-demon
I am guilty, I am guilty
I committed crimes against the people
So the people take me as the object of dictatorship
I have to lower my head and admit to my guilt
I must be obedient
I am not allowed to speak or act without permission
If I speak or act without permission
May you beat me and smash me
Beat me and smash me

Source – Student Attacks Against Teachers: The Revolution of 1966
Additional Source – The Teacher Holocaust (This website is a better version than the original Chinese to English version above)

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