Pine Bush Central School District RTTT Funding Per Student

If the Pine Bush Central School District accepts its entire award for the Race To The Top education reforms, it will receive $153,322 over 4 years.  After 2015, the Pine Bush Central School District will be expected to fund whatever the ongoing costs for implementing common core and other required initiatives outlined in the Obama Race To The Top reforms.

Although many consider the Race To The Top awards to be mainly for inner city minority districts, it appears the average per student award on a statewide basis is $143 when the data is broken down by race. One exception are Asians, who on average received $138 per student.  According to the 2011 census, Pine Bush Central School District had 5804 students enrolled with the following racial makeup:

  • American Indian : 16
  • Asian : 149
  • Hispanic: 746
  • Black: 672
  • White: 4145
  • Mixed: 76

Pine Bush Central School District and it’s award of $153,322 equals $26 per student over 4 years. As time goes by Pine Bush Central School District should begin to report new  Common Core/Race To The Top expenses in their budget. As a a parent or taxpayer in this district, it would be wise to request this number. Especially given the fact that multiple news sources are reporting massive costs are around the corner.

In total, New York state was awarded $700 million for implementing performance-based standards for teachers and principals, complying with Common Core standards, lifting caps on charter schools, turning around the lowest-performing schools, and building data systems. That money is essentially gone.


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