Delaware PTA – opt out is a personal decision – will address concerns of fear and intimidation


It was suggested that our concerns of incentivizing fear and coercion for vested interests were poorly conceived…


On  3/24/2015, the Delaware PTA issued a statement in support of a parents right to opt out of the Smarter Balanced Assessments.


 “Delaware PTA will not encourage any parent to opt their child out of the test. We firmly believe each decision and subsequent reason for opting out is unique. We also firmly believe that this is a personal decision that must be made by the parental unit.”

 Later on in the statement, they felt it necessary to include this language:

“Address parent/teacher concerns of fear and/or intimidation regarding the parent opt out”

The Delaware Opt Out movement seemed to be happy with the positions taken by their PTA “This is a HUGE step in the opt out movement Delaware parents! “


Hats off to the Delaware PTA for their willingness to recognize all of the concerns raised by their members.


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