Wyandanch Union Free School District

Wyandanch Union Free School District RTTT Funding Per Student

If the Wyandanch Union Free School District accepts its entire award for the Race To The Top education reforms, it will receive $4,457 over 4 years.  After 2015, the Wyandanch Union Free School District will be expected to fund whatever the ongoing costs for implementing common core and other required initiatives outlined in the Obama Race To The Top reforms.

Although many consider the Race To The Top awards to be mainly for inner city minority districts, it appears the average per student award on a statewide basis is $143 when the data is broken down by race. One exception are Asians, who on average received $138 per student.  According to the 2011 census, Wyandanch Union Free School District had 2123 students enrolled with the following racial makeup:

  • American Indian : 0
  • Asian : 1
  • Hispanic: 693
  • Black: 1414
  • White: 12
  • Mixed: 3

Wyandanch Union Free School District and it’s award of $4,457 equals $2 per student over 4 years. As time goes by Wyandanch Union Free School District should begin to report new  Common Core/Race To The Top expenses in their budget. As a a parent or taxpayer in this district, it would be wise to request this number. Especially given the fact that multiple news sources are reporting massive costs are around the corner.

In total, New York state was awarded $700 million for implementing performance-based standards for teachers and principals, complying with Common Core standards, lifting caps on charter schools, turning around the lowest-performing schools, and building data systems. That money is essentially gone.


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Wyandanch Union Free School District Teacher Absenteeism Report. – 42.8%

moneycapBelow is a breakdown of teacher absence costs for the Wyandanch Union Free School District. These numbers were reported to various Federal and State agencies in 2011-2012. To our knowledge, they have never been compiled in this manner. The individual district results can vary widely with some being very normal and others seeming to be completely out of normal. In some cases, public school teachers may be very sick. In other cases where up to 100% of the teachers are taking 10+ days off, there may be a serious systemic problem. Statewide concerns should be addressed directly to NY education officials and legislators. Those results are far beyond what normal should be as the Charter school totals suggest.  As always we encourage parents and taxpayers to share this information.


District 2011-2012 details:

  • Name: Wyandanch Union Free School District
  • County: Suffolk
  • Spending: $53,180,000.00
  • Spending per student: $26,249
  • Tax Levy (Local tax): $19,894,389.00
  • % of local tax that covers overall spending: 37.41%
  • Local tax applied per student: $9,819.54
  • Mandatory school year: 180 days


Thoughts to consider.

The results below should be higher as they only include information on fulltime Wyandanch Union Free School District teacher absences. A more accurate and much larger number would also include absences of the administration and other employees plus other costs such as health/welfare insurance. Additionally, our breakdown is based on the reported number of “10 or more days” and does not include exact absences beyond 10 days or amounts for teachers taking less than 10 days.  We ask that you treat these numbers as a starting point for a discussion with local district officials if you feel the Wyandanch Union Free School District results are abnormal.

Item Wyandanch UFSD Statewide Charter Schools
Total Teachers 145 205,497 5,019
Student : Teacher Ratio 14:1 13:1 13:1
Avg. salary $87,313.99 $69,341 $57,570
Avg. pay per day $485.08 $385 $319
Teachers Absent 10+ days 62 68,387 462.42
% of teachers absent 10+ days 42.8% 33% 9.2%
*Cost of absences $436,461 $421,739,779 **$2,156,981
*Absence costs as a percent of spending 0.8% .08% N/A
*** Classes contracted for but substituted 3,100 3,419,331 23,121

Average private sector sick days taken: 4 days or less per year. USDOL 2013

* Includes costs for 10 days of salary, substitutes (NYC rate of $165 per day) + 2011 pension rate of 11.11% .
** Excludes pensions as most charter schools use 401k’s or do not report.
*** Based on 5 classes per day

Data Sources: US Dept Of Labor, NY State Education Department. All data compiled and totaled in MS Excel using simple math commands. If the numbers above contain significant “No Data” results, that is because the district or NYS did not report the information at the time the datasets were compiled.

Absenteeism group on Facebook

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Smart Schools Bond Act – What it means for Wyandanch Union Free School District


moneycapNY’s 2014-2015 budget includes the $2 billion Smart Schools Bond Act to be put before voters in the November 2014 election. Should it pass, Wyandanch Union Free School District will receive a proportional share of the $2 billion based on the proportion of total formula school aid the district receives.

To receive the funds, Wyandanch Union Free School District in the county of Suffolk is required to submit a detailed plan to a state review board. In developing plans, the school district is required to consult with appropriate stakeholders, including Wyandanch parents, teachers, students and Wyandanch community members.



Wyandanch Union Free School District Smart Schools Capital Projects can include:

  • Acquiring learning technology equipment or facilities including interactive whiteboards; computer servers, desktop, laptop and tablet computers;
  • Installing high-speed broadband or wireless Internet connectivity for schools and communities
  • Constructing, enhancing and modernizing educational facilities to accommodate prekindergarten programs
  • Providing instructional space to replace transportable classroom units
  • Installing high-tech security features in school buildings and on school campuses, including installation of high-tech security features such as video surveillance, emergency notification systems and physical access controls



Wyandanch District numbers for parents and taxpayers to consider:


Wyandanch 2014 enrollment:  2028 students

Funding type Formula Aid Hardware/Software Pre-k Bond Allocation
State Total $21,280,313,886 $85,204,216 $385,034,734 $2 Billion
District Share $38,162,134 $73,910 $422,639 $3,555,456
Per Student $18,817.62 $36.44 $208.40 $1,753.18
Percentage 0.170% 0.087% 0.110% 0.178%


Not enough money.

A significant problem with this bond is that a district might spend on getting broadband access and a few computers while another district may spend the money on building pre-k classroooms. There just isn’t enough money unless Wyandanch Union Free School District already has high speed access, pre-k and a somewhat robust technology department. Even then, the legacy costs of maintaining additional salaries, pensions, benefits and technology will belong to Wyandanch  taxpayers. Similarly, Obama’s Race to the top program required all sorts of added services while providing pennies per student. As with this bond,  it was big on “progressive” ideas and short on methods to pay for and maintain it. In the end it will likely result in higher local property taxes and state taxes (AKA- state aid).


3 technology spending examples:

Every district is required to have a technology plan. Most districts put these documents online for public review. Within this document you can get a general idea of the district equipment, class types, personnel and costs. Once you know what your local district has and roughly how much it costs, the proposed bond allocation may seem pointless or a jackpot. Keep in mind,  mandatory pre-k costs for some districts will absorb a significant portion of the allocation.


District  Oceanside  Scarsdale  Fredonia
Enrollment 5,732 4,739 1,502
2013 spending* $1.5 million/yr $920,000 $550,000
Bond allocation $1.9 million $444,0000 $1.1 million

*Spending numbers taken from the district’s technology plan, which may or may not reflect actual dollar amounts spent. Dollar amounts have been rounded.

As you can tell, some districts will be shorted while others will see a onetime increase depending on their current formula aid from the state. In the end, everyone will pay for the borrowed money.

Find the Wyandanch Union Free School District technology plan with a pre-linked search at  Bing.


Don’t vote without knowing your local plan.

25 ton door at Cheyenne Mountain.
25 ton door at Cheyenne Mountain.

The $2 billion Smart Schools Bond is set to be voted on in November 2014.  That being said, Wyandanch Union Free School District parents, taxpayers and community members should pay close attention to what the  district is planning to do with this money.  You may find the media pushing the idea that everyone is getting a laptop while your district has to buy a building for mandatory preschool services and decides it needs to install video surveillance.  Then again, you may wind up with a front door that will stop a tank. Every district has different needs.

Click here to see how little Wyandanch received in Race To The Top funds.


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