Uncle Buck Slams Common Core-esque Educrat

film-phrygian-capMuch of the recent oppositional chatter surrounding NY’s Common Core has been focused on refusing tests that are supposed to identify specific teacher training needs, reward excellence and of course… find bad teachers for rehabilitation or termination.

While the interest is welcome, it has overshadowed discussion of the more important problems associated with the standards themselves. Namely, what is happening to early childhood education under the Common Core? With the talks about tests dominating the discourse,  Facebook posts like the one below are a welcome relief from the monotony.

Common Core cage

From the article –  “Kindergarten students are now expected to sit at desks for hours being inappropriately subjected to a crash course in reading before they can tie their shoes. What happened to playing with blocks, learning how to choose the right one, balancing it correctly to construct a tower? How about painting at an easel with bright colors?”


20 years before Common Core, John Candy (as Uncle Buck) acted in a fictional scene that included wild expectations and demands from an elementary school vice principal …it might as well have been released yesterday as historical non fiction.



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